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Dear participants of RAD 2014 Conference and SEERAS Symposium,

This is the page/place where you can write your comments and impressions about RAD 2014 and SEERAS. Please take a few minutes of your time to say what was good and what can be improved, what you liked and what you did not like, what you think about the organization of the conference, how you liked the sessions and the scientific part of the conference, how you liked the social events, the conference kit and conference materials you got when you registered, etc.

In order to write you comment, please enter your e-mail address you put in the registration form. If you are somehow unable to write your comment, please contact the Conference Secretariat so we can put your comment in the Guestbook(

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Dr Seyed Mahdi Hosseini Pooya
Dear colleagues and friends Certainly the both events RAD2014 and SEERAS 2014 held in the best way. I found many valuable scientific researches in the presentations and posters, so that I dare says the events were one of the most successful dosimetry and radon conferences. I would like to special thanks to Prof. Ristic, Prof. Karamarkovic and the other kind organizers for all their efforts in these big conferences. Wish a successful life for all of you and peace for all the people in the world!
Strengths of RAD2014: (i) diversity of topics covering an impressive number of relevant research areas in dosimetry, instrumentation and computational methods. (ii) Motivated and committed organization team. (iii) Very good social programme. (v) Good overall organization. Weaknesses of RAD2014 and areas of improvements for next conferences: (i) Setup a speaker’s room to load and review the slides. (ii) Make sure that a video projector and computer are available in the room at least 15 min before the session starts. (iii) Streamline the scientific programme to ensure a logical flow of sessions and avoid redundancies. (iv) introduce round table of point/counterpoint sessions to facilitate discussions on hot topics.
Dr Leila Yettou
Dear colleagues, I was very interested in RAD conference because the different topics for the radiation and dosimetry were very important in the patients treatments. Also, I would like to thank Professor Goran Ristić and all the colleagues for all the efforts they made and I really enjoyed with the Gala dinner and the excursion.I keep a very good memory from Nis. Thank you very much. Leila Yettou
Fragments of e-mails sent to the Organizers of RAD 2014 Conference and SEERAS Symposium

Thank you very much for your helpful cooperation through the all conference time and good hospitality. I hope to meet all of you again in near future in Egypt and in the next conference. Thank you again with my best wishes.
Mohamed Mokhtar Ahmed Sharaf

Congratulation on the success of the RAD and SEERAS conferences! It was great to attend the RAD 2014 conference and to be in Nis after 9 years. I found my stay fruitful and nice. Thank you Very much for all your and your Colleagues help and assistance before and during the Conference.
Barbara Obryk

Dear Goran and Jugoslav,
Thanks to both of you for your hospitality and organizing such a great event. I would also like to thank to your young colleagues who really were very nice and helpful.
Iveta Waczulikova

Drage kolege i prijatelji,
jos jednom vam se svima zelim zahvaliti na uspjesnoj organizaciji RAD 2014, vasem izuzetnom gostoprimstvu i nadasve ugodnom i toplom druzenju. Osim znanstvenog i strucnog doprinosa, ova je konferencija pruzila kako nasoj grupi tako i meni nova poznanstva i otvorila mogucnosti za buduce suradnje. Hvala vam na tome.
U nadi da cemo uspostaviti nove kontakte, sudjelovati u zajdnickim projektima i opet se uskoro sresti,
Branka Mihaljevic

Dear colleagues and friends,
I would like to thank you all once again for the successful organization of RAD 2014, your phenomenal hospitality and, most of all, for very pleasant and warm socialization. Apart from scientific and professional contribution, this conference allowed both to our group and me to gain new friendships and opened opportunities for further cooperation. Thank you for that.
Hoping that we will make new contacts, participate in joint projects and meet again soon,
Branka Mihaljevic

Dragi organizatori, dragi prijatelji,
Zahvaljujem na vrlo dobro organiziranom RAD simpoziju, znanstveni dio je pokrio vrlo siroko podrucje istrazivanja i iako je moje podrucje bilo manje zastupljeno (isotopes in environment), bilo je dobrih predavanja i dobrih postera. Posebno zahvaljujem na vrlo intenzivnim drustvenom zivotu, lijepom druznju, dobroj atmosferi, super muzici.....A uzivala sam i u samom Nisu i gostoljubivosti Nislija.
Iduce godine mi organiziramo simpozij ESIR XIII (European Society of Isotope Research) u Zadru, pa ce nam biti drago da se i tamo vidimo, .
Uz srdacne pozdrave sa zeljmo da nastavite sa tako uspjesnom organizacijom RAD konferencije
Nada Horvatincic

Dear organizers, dear friends,
Thank you for the well organized RAD conference, the scientific part covered a very wide area of research and although my area was not so highly represented (isotopes in environment), there were many good oral presentations and good posters. I would like to specially thank you for a very intensive social life, nice socialization, good atmosphere, great music,… And I also enjoyed in Nis and in the hospitality of the people from Nis.
Next year, we are organizing the symposium ESIR XIII (European Society of Isotope Research) in Zadar, so we would be very glad to also see you there,
Best regards, wishing you to continue with such a successful organization of RAD conference,
Nada Horvatincic

Dragi Gorane,
Još jednom želim da se zahvalim i tebi i kompletnoj ekipi u organizaciji
konferencije na izuzetno prijatnom boravku u Nišu, kao i na svemu vezanom
za konferenciju.
Unapred zahvalna,
Bojana Šećerov

Dear Goran,
I would like to thank you and the entire team once again for the organization of the conference and for a very pleasant stay in Nis, as well as for all that is related to the conference.
Bojana Šećerov

Thank you so much for your kind wonderful and warm hospitality at Nis. It is unforgettable, kindly accept Many Many Congrats and thanks to Prof. Goran and his vibrant team.
R. C. Tiwari

I must express my thanks to you and all those who contributed to the conference for the great work! The staff and students of the Faculty are especially thanked for their warm and friendlier support. They have been wonderful, and I felt very welcomed.
During the days of conference, I had a good chance to meet and talk to people with good presentation and posters, and a very good atmosphere for discussion and networking. I have also exchanged my knowledge with qualified researchers.
Thank you very much once again for well prepared symposium.
Coskun Harmansah

Dear RAD 2014 & SEERAS Organizing Team,
Thank you for your kind efforts during the conference to Prof. Ristic, Prof. Karamarkovic and other organisation team and also thank you for your mails and documents.
With our best regards,
Team of Ege University (F. Zumrut Biber Muftuler, Ayfer Yurt Kilcar, Serap Teksoz, Gunseli Yaprak, Elcin Karali, Turgay Karali)

Thank you very much for your kind and very warm hospitality. We are very pleased and we have many good impressions from the last conference.
D. Sc. eng. Nguyen Dinh Chau

Dear Professor Ristic, dear colleagues,
Thank you for the information you sent me. Congratulations for the wonderful conference, which you have organized, with many participants and interesting presentations. And your cocktail parties can compete with those of Hollywood.
I am wishing you successful work and pleasant holidays.
Best regards, Tinka Grozdanova.

Dear Zora,
Firstly let me thank and congratulate you on the excellent organisation of SEERAS. As I already told you it was a great
scientific and social success which, of course, is completely due to your efforts... My accommodation in Vila Prica was perfect: nice place, nice room and very friendly (plus great value!). Thanks for this. I also note that pdf files from SEERAS will soon be put on the ERA website. This is a very good idea and very useful for all radonologists.
Best regards,
James McLaughlin

Dear Zora-san,
Thank you very much for your kind hospitality in Serbia.
I enjoyed everything in SEERAS.
I am looking forward to seeing you again!
Best regards,
Masahiro Hosoda, Ph.D.

Dear Zora,
many many greetings from Prague and once more many thanks for your enthusiasm and effort, SEERAS was really perfect!!
Matej Neznal