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Preliminary program of RAD 2014

Tuesday, May 27

08:00 – 09:30 Registration

09:30 – 10:00 Room A: Offical opening

10:00 – 11:00 Room A: Plenary session
• RAD 2014: Ahmed Meghzifene, IAEA-VIC, Austria: "Dosimetry standards in medical radiation dosimetry: needs and challenges"
• SEERAS: Tore Tollefsen, EC Joint Research Centre, Italy: “From the European indoor radon map towards a map of natural radiation”

11:00 – 11:30 Refreshments

11:30 – 13:00 Oral sessions:

Room B: RAD 2014 - Radiation protection in medicine
Room C: SEERAS - General aspects and Rn policy
Room D: RAD 2014 - Medical imaging

13:00 – 14:30 Lunch

14:30 – 15:30 Room A: Plenary session:
• RAD 2014: Daniele Giuffrida, EC Joint Research Centre, Italy: "Nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission"
• SEERAS: Constantin Cosma, Babes-Bolyai University, Romania: “Radon research status in Romania”

15:30 – 17:00 Oral sessions:

Room B: RAD 2014 - Radiation protection
Room C: SEERAS - Indoor Rn and Tn
Room D: RAD 2014 - Medical physics
Room E: RAD 2014 - Biophysics

17:00 – 17:30 Resfreshments

17:00 – 18:30 Poster sessions – Lobby:

RAD 2014: Radiation protection, Radiation protection in Medicine, Medical imaging, Medical use of radiation, Medical physics, Pharmacological aspects of radiation.
SEERAS: Rn news from the region and regional Rn policy, Rn geology and water.

Wednesday, May 28

09:00 – 10:00 Room A: Plenary session
• RAD 2014: Anatoly Rozenfeld, University of Wollongong, Australia: "Advanced semiconductor dosimetry in radiation therapy"
• SEERAS: Francesco Bochicchio, Italian National Institute of Health, Italy: “Protection from health risks due to radon exposure and recent /forthcoming regulations: present knowledge and challenges”

10:00 – 10:30 Refreshments

10:30 – 12:00 Oral sessions:

Room B: RAD 2014 - Radiation measurements and radioecology
Room C: SEERAS - Indoor Rn and Tn regarding different issues
Room D: RAD 2014 – Non-ionizing radiation
Room E: RAD 2014 – Radiation physics

12:00 – 13:30 Lunch

13:30 – 19:30 Excursion

Thursday, May 29

09:00 – 10:30 Room A: Plenary session
• RAD 2014: Gayle E. Woloschak, Northwestern University, USA, "Using archival animal databases to re-evaluate dose and dose-rate effectiveness factor (DDREF) estimates"
• SEERAS: Stephanie Hurst, Saxon State Ministry for Environment and Agriculture, Germany: “EU - BSS National radon action plan - an approach to get hold of geogenic risk”
• RAD 2014: Iveta Waczulikova, ComeniusUniversity, Bratislava, Slovakia: "What is hypothesis testing? Statistical versus biological significance."

10:30 – 11:00 Refreshments

11:00 – 12:30 Oral sessions:

Room B: RAD 2014 - Radiation measurements
Room C: SEERAS - Rn/Tn radiology, dose assessment and risk
Room D: RAD 2014 - Radioecology
Room E: RAD 2014 - Biomedicine

12:30 – 14:00 Lunch

14:00 – 15:00

Room A: RAD 2014 - Plenary session:
• RAD 2014: Diana Nesheva-Slavova, Institute of Solid State Physics, Sofia, Bulgaria: "Application of metal-oxide-semiconductor structures containing silicon nanocrystals in radiation dosimetry"
• RAD 2014: Jasna Mihailović, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, Management of patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma with radioiodine 131-I,

14:00 – 16:00 Room C: SEERAS - Oral session: Outdoor radon

15:00 – 16:30 Oral sessions:

Room B: RAD 2014 - Radiation measurements and radioecology
Room D: RAD 2014 - Radiobiology and radiation effects
Room E: RAD 2014 - Neutron and space radiation

16:15 – 18:30 Room C: SEERAS - Oral session: Procedures and techniques

16:30 – 17:00 Refreshments

17:00 – 18:30 Poster sessions - Lobby

RAD 2014: Radioecology, Non-ionizing radiation, Radiation physics, Radiation chemistry, Biochemistry.

18:30 – 19:30 Poster sessions - Lobby

SEERAS: Radiology and risk, Procedures and Techniques

20:00 – 02:00 Gala Dinner

Friday, May 30

09:00 – 10:30 Oral sessions:

Room B: RAD 2014 - Radiation measurements
Room C: SEERAS - Field measurements
Room D: RAD 2014 – Radiobiology

10:30 – 11:00 Refreshments

11:00 – 12:30 Oral sessions:

Room B: RAD 2014 - Radiation measurements
Room C: RAD 2014 - Radiation detectors
Room D: RAD 2014 – Radiobiology

12:30 – 14:00 Lunch

14:00 – 15:30 Poster sessions - Lobby:

RAD 2014: Radiation measurements, Radiation detectors, Radiobiology and radiation effects, Neutron radiation, Space Radiation, Biomedical engineering, Biomedicine.


Tuesday, May 27

11.30-13.00 Room B: Radiation protection in medicine
  1. A. Karimian, B. Nikparvar, I. Jabbari, Radiation absorbed doses assessment of physician and patient (child and adult) during renal angiography
  2. D. Arandjic, O. Ciraj-Bjelac, D. Hadnadjev, S. Stojanovic, P. Bozovic, Radiation doses in adults ct practice in Serbia: initial results
  3. A. Chougule, Estimation of skin exposure during radiography-verification of empirical formula
  4. J. Sampaio, M. Conceição Abreu, P. Sousa, Scatter fraction with simulations. revisiting radiation scatter in x-ray imaging
  5. F. Manafi, S. M. Hosseini Pooya, L. Hafezi, A. R. Talaeipour, Occupational exposure due to working with a portable dental x-ray system
  6. A. Skopljak-Beganović et al., A tool for estimation of effective doses in interventional cardiology
  7. Đ. Milković, M. Ranogajec-Komor, L. Porcs-Makkay, Ž. Knežević, Influence of various factors on the dose of personnel during cardiology diagnostic
  8. J. Chabukovska-Radulovska, T. Slezenkovska, A. Poposka, Reducing radiation exposure: our experience review and further steps
11.30-13.00 Room D: Medical imaging
  1. 1. A. Yurt Kilcar, F. Z. Biber Muftuler, H. Enginar, E. Ilker Medine, V. Tekin, P. Unka, A novel brain imaging agent including Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis potential: 99MTC-BIOQUIN-HMPAO
  2. M. Rouchota, M. Michalitsi, S. Synefia, I. Floros, M. Argyrou, A. Valassi, S. Triantopoulou, M. Bella, M. Lyra, Thyroid volume quantification by spect images
  3. M. Naimuddin, Design of the next generation proton computed tomography (pCT)
  4. L.V. Messa, C. Paradiso, E.M. Messa, G.L. Messa, and U. Arrigucci, Is it possible that get closer to Golden Ratio means to be more healthy? A study of proportions of the human body through Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  5. D. Niculae, I. Esanu, F. D. Puicea, Synthesis and biological evaluation of NOTA/DOTA CYCLO-RGD dimers labelled with Ga-68 as radiotracer for cancer diagnosis and therapy follow-up
  6. E. Petrova, Influence of some risk factors on chest X-ray finds in patients with initial pneumoconioses
15.30-17.00 Room B: Radiation protection
  1. A. Mladenov, D. Stankov, T. Nonova, K. Krezhov, Radiation protection, radiation waste management and site monitoring at the nuclear scientific and experimental centre IRT-Sofia at INRNE-BAS
  2. T. McKenna, P. V. Welter, J. Callen, E. Buglova, Protection of the public during a severe emergency at a light water reactor or its spent fuel pool
  3. I. Vošahlíková, P. Otáhal, Decontamination of protective clothing against radioactive contamination
  4. P. Lainetti, Superficial decontamination of corroded steel structures of complex shapes by molten salt stripping
  5. M. Spunei, M. Mihai, I. Malaescu, C. N. Marin, Absorbing materials with applications in radiotherapy and radioprotection
  6. S. B. Chand, P.P. Chaurasia, Status of radiation protection and safety at BPKM Cancer Hospital, Nepal
15.30-17.00 Room D: Medical physics
  1. A. Meghzifene, J. Le Heron, The medical physics practice in the light of the new international basic safety standards
  2. E. Sukhikh, E. Malikov, M. Rychkov, Dosimetry of electron beam extracted from betatron by polymer films gafchromic EBT 3
  3. A. Esposito, B. Caccia, C. Andenna, GEANT4 simulation of a helical tomotherapy unit
  4. G. Kulabdullaev, G.A. Abdullaeva, G.T. Djuraeva, A.A. Kim, Yu.N. Koblik, T.T. Rakhmonov, Sh. Saytjanov, Evaluation of absorbed dose in gadolinium neutron capture therapy
  5. J. Ranouil et al., Results of the French national working group GEDOC for occupational eye-lens exposure in clinical and industry fields
15.30-17.00 Room E: Biophysics
  1. D. Krezhova, S. Maneva, Hyperspectral remote sensing applications for environmental protection
  2. N. Kudryasheva, M.A. Selivanova, A.S. Petrova, O.A. Guseynov, T.V. Rozhko, A.V. Tugarova, A.A. Kamnev, A.N. Devyatlovskaya, The use of marine luminous bacteria for assessing radiation hormesis and toxicity
  3. R. Angelova, V. Groudeva, I. Nedkov, I. Sziklai-László, K. Krezhov, INAA study of synthetic and natural iron bacteria products
  4. T. Wysokinski, G. Okada, G. Belev, C. Koughia, A. Edgar, L. Dean Chapman, J. Ueda, S. Tanabe, S. Kasap, QA dosimetry for the biomedical imaging and therapy facility at CLSI
  5. S. Shubeska Stratrova, Dual energy x-ray absorptiometry gold standard for bone health and body composition assessment
  6. G. Tchernev, S. Philipov, K. Semkova, Pigmented lesions in Dermatology- a diagnostic and therapeutic problem
Wednesday, May 28

10.30-12.00 Room B: Radiation measurements and radioecology
  1.  Jevremović et al., High precision measurement of the half – life of 19Ne`
  2. I. Krajcar Bronić, J. Barešić, N. Horvatinčić, Determination of biogenic fraction in solid and liquid fuel by the 14C method
  3.  Jakonić, N. Todorović, J. Nikolov, I. Krajcar-Bronić, B. Tenjović, M. Vesković, Rapid method for tritium measurements with liquid scintillation counting on Quantulus 1220
  4.  G. Pantelić, D. Todorović, J. Nikolić, M. Rajačić, Testing of homogeneity of material distributed in interlaboratory comparison
  5.  M. Ćujić, J. Petrović, M. Đorđević, R. Dragović, S. Dragović, The radiological hazard due to naturally occurring radionuclides in soil around thermoelectric power plant
  6.  N. Eren, E. Altinkaya, Researching of natural radiation dose level in the around of Beyşehir Lake of Turkey
10.30-12.00 Room D: Non-ionizing radiation
  1. Osipov, N. Smetanina, M. Pustovalova, D. Klokov, Mechanisms of DNA single-strand breaks and alkali-labile sites formation in human blood lymphocytes exposed to 365 NM UVA radiation
  2. S. Voychuk, E. Gromozova, A. Ostapchuk, Effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic field and fungicidal antibiotic on the Saccharomyces cerevisiae fatty acid composition
  3. Z. Banovački, I. Srećković, M. Matavulj, Extremely low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF EMF) exposure influences morphometric characteristics of neurosecretory neurons and alters salinity stress response in earthworm Eisenia foetida (Lumbricidae)
  4. S. Paraš, M. Matavulj, D. Dmitrović, Effects electromagnetic fields high frequency on beta cells endocrine pancreas in rats
  5. B. Djordjevic, D. Sokolovic, A. Veljkovic, M. Despotovic, J. Basic, G. Ristic, D. Krstic, The activity of polyamine oxidase and diamine oxidase in the thymus tissue of rats exposed to microwave radiation
  6. G. Žauhar, S. Jurković, Đ. Smilović Radojčić, D. Dobravac, Testing of ultrasound transducers by use of thermochromic tile
10.30-12.00 Room E: Radiation physics
  1. H.C. Manjunatha, Beta induced bremsstrahlung dose rate in tissues from human organs
  2. D. Mrdja, K. Bikit, I. Bikit, J. Slivka, Monte-Carlo simulation of bremsstrahlung induced dose depending on source matrix
  3. V. Singh, N. M. Badiger, Energy absorption buildup factors, effective atomic numbers and kerma of different human body parts, tissues, vitamines and tissue substitutes
  4. F. Becker, B. Kienzler, Simulation of alpha dosimetry for predicting production of radiolytic species at the surface of spent nuclear fuel pellets
  5. V.T. Maslyuk, I.G. Megela, T.O. Okunieva, J.M. Pekar, V.J. Pekar, Specific features of the influence of high-energy electron beams on the luminescent properties of undoped and Nb, Fe-doped Al2O3 crystals
  6. S.V. Nikiforov, V.S. Kortov, Dosimetric response for crystalline and nanostructured aluminium oxide to high current pulse electron beam
  7. D. Krstic, Z. Jovanovic, V. Markovic, D. Nikezic, V. Urosevic, MCNP simulation of the dose distribution in liver and pancreas cancer treatment for BNCT therapy
Thursday, May 29

11.00-12.30 Room B: Radiation measurements
  1.  K. Jeong-In, K. Seo-Kon, L. Byoung-Il, Measurement of gamma spectrum at PWR reactor coolant system with CZT semiconductor detector
  2.  M. Herbert, V. Masondo, M. Makhebula, Comparison of neutron fluence energy distributions measured with NE213 proton recoil spectrometer and NE230 deuteron recoil spectrometer at the Ithemba labs time-of-flight facility
  3.  J. P. de Carvalho Saraiva, M. Brugger, Monte Carlo simulations and benchmark studies of radiation environments at CERN’s injector chain and respective constraints for installed electronic systems
  4.  Iorga, A. O. Pavelescu, M. Dragusin, D. Gurau, Radiological characterization of the decommissioned underground radioactive effluents pipes from THE IFIN-HH VVR-S nuclear research reactor
  5.  K. Ueno, Tominaga, Okada, Tadokoro, Sasaki, Kuwabara, Radiation measurements technology using optically stimulated luminescence and optical fiber and the application to radiation monitor for nuclear power plants
  6.  E. Mandowska, B. Nitsze, A. Mandowski, Spectral stability of stimulation sources for OSL readers
11.00-12.30 Room D: Radioecology
  1. J. Nikolov, T. Petrović-Pantić, N. Todorović, J. Hansman, S. Forkapić, D. Mrđa, I. Bikit, K. Bikit, Radioactivity of thermal waters in South-East part of Serbia
  2. N. Horvatinčić, A. Sironić, J. Barešić, I. Krajcar Bronić, M. Krmar, J. Nikolov, N. Todorović, J. Hansman, I. Bikit, Isotope analyses of the lake sediments in the Plitvice lakes area
  3. М. Е. Vasyanovich, А. А. Ekidin, I. V. Yarmoshenko, Radionuclide ratio in TENORM studies
  4. D. Djordjević et al., Physicochemical characteristics of urban aerosol of continental part of Balkans
  5. S. Chałupnik, M. Wysocka, Radium in mine waters in Poland
11.00-12.30 Room E: Biomedicine
  1. A. Hedrih, T. Jevtovic-Stoimenov, O. Djordjevic-Milosevic, S. Najman, Polymorphism of SOD1 gene and spontaneous chromosomal instability related to ageing
  2. M. Hofer, M. Pospíšil, L. Dušek, Z. Hoferová, D. Komůrková, Combined pharmacological therapy of the acute radiation disease using a cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor and an adenosine A3 receptor agonist
  3. Y. Gluhcheva, V. Atanasov, J. Ivanova, E. Pavlova, Chronic exposure to cobalt compounds – an in vivo study
  4. M. I. Baritz, D. L. Cotoros, C. Singer, Ergometric analysis by correlative methods of the thermal radiation emission developed within hand following a controlled effort
  5. K. Kosno, I. Janik, D. Pogocki, Estimation of antioxidative properties of nicotine using pulse radiolysis
  6. N. Vrinceanu, M. Iorgoaiea Guignard, M. Petruta Suchea, D. Coman, Research onto bamboo knitted fabric irradiated with air-plasma for the enhancement of surface attributes
16:00-17:30 Room B: Radiation measurements and radioecology
  1.  M. Cherepnev, I. Ippolitov, P. Nagorsky, S. Smirnov, V. Yakovleva, A. Vukolov, Influence of soil humidity and weather changes on β- and γ-radiation fields in the ground atmosphere
  2.  D.C. Nguyen, M. Gargul, Determination of very low content of radium isotopes in drinking and mineral waters
  3.  R. Kritsananuwat, H. Arae, M. Fukushi, S. Chanyotha, S. K. Sahoo, Natural radionuclides and radiation risk assessment in Southern Thailand soils
  4.  R.C. Begy, A. R. Iurian, O. A. Dumitru, L. Preoteasa, Preliminary results of 210Pb dating method in the Danube delta Lacustrine System from Romania
  5.  R.M. Margineanu, Underground laboratory in ultralow radiation background in Slanic-Prahova, Romania
  6.  I. Radulescu, M. R. Calin, Enhancement of the precision and accuracy of results for an HPGE detector using failure analysis
16:00-17:30 Room D: Radiobiology and radiation effects
  1.  A. Kotava, Development of state register of persons exposed to radiation as a result of the Chernobyl accident in Belarus
  2.  Yarmoshenko, G. Malinovsky, L. Konshina, M. Zhukovsky, Late cancer and non-cancer effects of chronic radiation exposure of bone marrow
  3.  N. Kuzmina, A. Myazin, N. Lapteva, A. Rubanovich, The study of aberrant methylation in blood leukocytes of irradiated parents and their children
  4.  V.Yu. Nugis et al., Retrospective dose evaluation by means of classic cytogenetic method
  5.  V. Singh, Preclinical development of a bridging therapy for radiation casualties
16:00-17:30 Room E: Neutron and space radiation
  1. C. Oprea, A. Oprea, A. Mihul, Photonuclear cross section and isomer ratio in photoneutron reactions on natural Sn
  2. G. Gambarini, E. Artuso, M. Felisi, V. Regazzoni, S. Agosteo, L. Barcaglioni, F. Campi, L. Garlati, F. d’Errico, M. Borroni, M.Carrara, J. Burian, V. Klupak, L. Viererbl, M. Marek, Measurements at neutron beams of LVR-15 research reactor with Fricke gel and thermoluminescence dosimeters
  3. Ş. O. Gürdal, Ö. Gündüz, M. Tombakoğlu, Analysis of neutron response of BeO-OSL personal dosimeters
  4. A. Badescu, A. Simion, Simple radio arrays for extragalactic neutrinos
  5. N. Yagova, V. Pilipenko, A. Kozlovsky, B. Heilig, V. Gladyshev, ULF waves and particle flux in the Earth's magnetosphere
Friday, May 30

09:00-10:30 Room B: Radiation measurement
  1.  S. Bercea, E. Iliescu, I. Mitu, A. Celarel, C. Cenusa, Dosimetry for a new research facility, ELI-NP
  2.  G.K. Gillmore, D. Wertheim, N. Petford, Solid State Nuclear Track Etch Detectors, 2D and 3D analysis of alpha tracks
  3.  Capoen et al., SOL-GEL derived ionic copper-doped glasses and microstructured optical fibers: a potential radiation dosimeter
  4.  Bogacheva, S. Perov, Q. Balzano, N. Kuster, VHF portable radio transmitters: theoretical and experimental dosimetry
  5.  V. Petrović, G. Schoof, and Z. Stamenković, Characterization and verification of a latchup protection switch in radiation environment
  6. A. Jakšić, Overview of RADFET technology and its applications
  7.  M.S. Martínez-García, J. Torres del Río, A.J. Palma, A.B. Jaksic, J. Banqueri and M.A. Carvajal, Multiple current method applied to characterization of RADFETs
  8.  S. Kaya, A. O. Cetinkaya, A. Aktag, E. Yilmaz, Effects of gamma-ray irradiation on interface states and series-resistance characteristics of Si3N4 MOS capacitors
09:00-10:30 Room D: Radiobiology
  1. A. Moskalev et al., Mechanisms of radiation hormesis on Drosophila model
  2. E. Lyapunova, L. Komarova, Display of genetic instability of cells in the population of chlorella vulgaris after sparsely and densely radiation exposure
  3. B. Toth Schilling, N. Sandor, G. Safrany, H. Hegyesi, GDF-15 overexpression increase radiosensitivity of breast cancer cells
  4. J. K. Kim, J.-H. Kim, V. G. Petin, Synergism model for the combined action of radiation and heat
  5. S. Tapio, Use of proteomics in search for biomarkers of radiation exposure
  6. T. Todorova, D. Miteva, M. Pesheva, S. Chankova, Zeocin- induced adaptive response in yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
11:00-12:30 Room B:Radiation measurements
  1.  K. Krefft, B. Drogoszewska, J. Kamińska, M. Juniewicz, G. Wołąkiewicz, I. Jakacka, B. Ciesielski, Application of EPR dosimetry in bone for verification of doses in radiotherapy patients
  2.  K. Polaczek-Grelik, J. Derus, A. Giłka, A. Kawa-Iwanicka, M. Stefańczyk, Secondary radiation in high-energy linac radiotherapy using intensity modulated techniques
  3.  O. Moussous, T. Medjadj, Relative depth dose profile and Peak scatter factors measurement for Co-60 teletherapy machine using chemical dosimetry
  4.  J. Burger, V. Cindro, A. Gorišek, G. Kramberger, I. Mandić, M. Zavrtanik, M. Mikuž, Development of in-vivo diamond dosimetry for Brachytherapy
  5.  M. Gryziński, A new generation of recombination chambers
  6.  B. Obryk, P. Bilski, K. Hodyr, P. Mika, High-level TL dosimetry for high-temperature environment
  7.  B. Wojciech, K. Chełmiński, Radiochromic dosimetry films in radiotherapy
11:00-12:30 Room C: Radiation detectors
  1. G. Kramberger et al., Review of recent results from RD50 collaboration on development of radiation hard particle detectors
  2. A. Gligorova, Development of a segmented silicon detector for on-sensor antiproton annihilations
  3. V.V. Kadilin, E.V. Ryabeva, E. M. Tyurin, V. T. Samossadny, S.V. Kolesnikov, V.O. Nebolsin, Detectors of ionizing radiation based on crystal scintillator structures
  4. R. Radu, E. Fretwurst, G. Lindstroem, L. C. Nistor, V. S. Nistor, I. Pintilie, Comprehensive investigations of point and cluster radiation induced defects in silicon
  5. V. Antonyuk, N. Stetsyk, X-rays detectors based on the crystals of calcium iodide
  6. S. Chiriotti, D. Moro, V. Conte, P. Colautti, B. Grosswendt, E. Sterpin, S. Vynckier, General aspects to calibrate TEPCs in terms of lineal energy
  7. Moreno, M. Million, Development by landauer of a new passive dosimeter based on the optically stimulated luminescence technology for IEC 62387 compliance
11:00-12:30 Room D: Radiobiology
  1. K. Stankova, E. Zaharieva, N. Aneva, O. Katzarska, P. Ostoich, R. Georgieva, R. Boteva, Molecular markers for the assessment of radiation-induced oxidative stress in occupationally irradiated individuals
  2. F. Ingel, S. Khussainova, G. Kosdauletova, E. Krivtsova, In vitro radiosensitivity and adapttative response to gamma-irradiation of blood lymphocytes of children living in the aral sea basin (zone of ecological disaster)
  3. N. Anastasov, Contribution of non-coding genome to susceptibility at low doses of radiation (studies on a cohort of Serbian children exposed to X-irradiation
  4. G. Vochita, R. Focea, D. Creanga, Direct versus indirect radiation action in irradiated vegetal embryos
  5. T. Paunesku, S. Raha, B. Wanzer and G. E. Woloschak, Investigation of micro RNA (miR) expression in archival animal samples
  6. Z. Barjaktarovic, Ionising radiation induces persistent change in cardiac mitochondrial function of C57BL/6 and ApoE-/- mice
  7. T. G. Mong Ky, Trisomy 21 and congenital malformations after Chernobyl: Confirmation of microcephaly in birds by human microcephaly.

Tuesday, May 27

17:30-19:00 Lobby

Radiation protection

B. Bašić, A. Beganović, A. Skopljak-Beganović, D. Samek, Fifteen years of occupational exposure monitoring in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
D. Krstic, Z. Jovanovic, D. Nikezic, D. Savic, D. Vucic, Calculation of the dose conversion coefficients for the voxelized eye lens for neutrons irradiation
E. Iliescu, S. Bercea, D. Niculae, A. Celarel, S. Patrascu, Area dosimetry for the new radiopharmaceutical center in IFIN-HH
F. Hasford et al., Assessment of annual whole-body occupational radiation exposure in education, research and industrial sectors in Ghana (2000-09)
F. Hasford et al., Assessment of annual whole-body occupational radiation exposure in medical practice in Ghana (2000-09)
G. Stankunas, A. Tonkunas, R. Pabarcius, Assessment and benchmarking of the impact to gamma dose rate employing different photon-to-dose conversion factors using MCNP code at the decommissioning stage of Ignalina NPP
H. Malá, P. Rulík, T. Ježková, Emergency response exercise of laboratories equipped with gamma spectrometry
J. Carneiro, M. P. Sanches, D. L. Rodrigues, G. M. A. A. Sordi, Radiation dose impact on the workers from the Radiopharmaceutical Facility
J. Rachubik, Monitoring of food radioactive contamination as a tool for consumer radiation protection
K. Wołoszczuk, D. Aksamit, K. Ciupek, Assessment of occupational radiation exposure from RTG and CT in veterinary clinics
N. Navab Moghadam, S. M. Hosseini Pooya, H. Afarideh, M. R. Kardan, A national intercomparison program for performance approval tests of individual dosimetery service providers in Iran
V. N. Gulbin, N. S. Kolpakov, V. V. Polivkin, N. P. Gulbina, Investigation of radio- and radiation-protective nano-structured materials
Đ. Vukmirović, B. Đurović, Aero engines maintenance – specific risks
Y. N. Kim, G. H. Kim, S. K. Kim, K. Jeong, S. H. Park, Monte Carlo study on the photoneutron shielding in a medical accelerator room
Y. Lee, Development of the application software and design of the hardware for the radiation safety management
R. Druteikienė, J. Šapolaitė, Ž. Ežerinskis, A. Puzas, V. Remeikis, V. Juzikienė, Iodine behaviour in cemented radioactive waste storage barriers
A. Karimian, A. Nomani, Radiation absorbed dose assessment of crew members by Monte Carlo method
V. Cibreva, E. Stikova, Comparative analysis of two methodologies for risk evaluation and assessment at workplace where professional exposure of ionized radiation exists in conditions of controlled radiation zone

Radiation protection in medicine

E. Ofori, W. Antwi, L. Arthur, Comparison of patient radiation dose from chest and lumbar spine x-ray examinations in 10 hospitals
E. Ofori, W. Antwi, D. Scutt, M. Ward, Optimization of patient radiation protection in pelvic x-ray examination in Ghana
M. Gazdić-Šantić et al., Influence of computed tomography angular tube current modulation on patient skin dose
O. Girjoaba, A. Cucu, Romanian pediatric exposure to ionizing radiation from diagnostic medical procedures
M. Zdraveska Kochovska, V. Spasic Jokic, O. Vaskova, A. Bogdanovska, D. Miladinova, V. Majstorov, Calculated doses to family members of patient treated with radioiodine 131
J. Samac, Assessment of absorbed and effective dose for patients after parathyroid gland scintigraphy using 99MTC-MIBI
M. Vujovic, O. Ciraj-Bjelac, P. Bozovic, D. Arandjic, M. Gavrilovic, Uncertainty of dose assessment in conventional radiography
E. Mohamed-Ahmed, A. Babkir, A. Sulieman, A. Abd Elsalam, Measurement of patient dose in vascular intervential radiography
M. Bashir, I. I. Suliman, Staff dosimetry in interventional cardiology using electronic personal dosimetry
S. Dellie, M. Abdo, Optimization of radiological doses to patients undergoing intravenous urography (IVU) examinations in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
D. Kishta, Aa. Deda, K. Preza, E. Islami, Optimisation medical exposures in intervetion radiology used in Mother Teresa Hospital, Tirana, Albania
E. Mohamed-Ahmed, M. Abazer, A. Sulieman, A. Abd Elsalam, Evaluation of patient and staff dose during pacemaker procedures
E. Mohamed-Ahmed, N. Awad, A. Sulieman, E. Abd Allah, Evaluation of patient and staff dose in brain intervential radiography
M. Bashir, E. Mohamed-Ahmed, Reduction of patient’s dose of I-131 therapy by used local diuretic juice
K. Uhrhan, F. Sudbrock, A. Drzezga, The patient as a radioactive source - an intercomparison of survey-meters for measurements in nuclear medicine
S. Dellie, Rao, Suggested diagnostic reference levels for mammography x-ray examination in Ethiopia
V. Acovska, V. Gershan, Which is more dominant parameter in dap value fluoroscopic time or patient size?

Medical imaging

A. Karimian, B. Shokuohian, M. Mohammadzadeh, Design and fabrication of a new NMR spiral planar microcoil
A. Mladenovic, Z. Markovic, S. Radenkovic, B. Orbovic, V. Mircetic, G. Tomasek, Low dose computerized tomography examinations of the heart, prevention and screening of the coronary occlusive disease
B. Çekiç, F. Z. Biber Muftuler, A. Yurt Kilcar, Ç. İçhedef, P. Unak, Interaction between broccoli extract and 99MTC-GH on in vivo distribution and labeling of blood components
B. Sabuncu, F. Z. Biber Muftuler, A. Yurt Kilcar, B. Çekiç, E. Uçar, Effects of green tea extract on the radiolabeled blood cells and on the biodistribution of radiopharmaceutical sodium pertechnetate
M. Ozkan, F. Z. Biber Muftuler, A. Yutr Kilcar, E. Ilker Medine, P. Unak, Extraction of hydroxytyrosol from olive leaves, radiolabeling with I-131 and evaluation bioaffinity of the radioiodinated hydroxytyrosol
M. Stevic, M. Vlajkovic, G. Koracevic, M. Rajic, S. Ilic, Avoiding of false positive finding in spect perfusion myocardial scintigraphy with iterative images reconstruction
O. Büyükok, S. Teksöz, Ç. İçhedef, E. Uçar, B. Çekiç Bozkayalar, Evaluation of radiolabeled aminoacid coated magnetic nanoparticles
V. Riversi, A. Giansanti, A. Belba, L.V. Messa, F. Vigni, G.L. Messa, R. Ponchietti, Importance of ultrasound elastography prior to testicular surgery: Clinical evidence
S. Radenkovic et al., HER2 positive breast cancer patients: correlation between mammographic and pathological findings
Ş. A. Alan, S. Teksöz, Ç. İçhedef, E. Uçar, Ö. K. Güldü, Radiolabeling of a nitrojen mustard derivative
S. Park, C. Jeong, S. B. Lee, A novel method for water equivalent path length measurement in proton radiography
A. N. Solovyev, V. I. Kharlov, U. A. Stepanova, V. V. Federov, Medical images processing for Monte-Carlo based treatment planning simulation
S. Dineva, K. Prodanova, B. Vladimirov, Frequency of periampullary duodenal diverticula and its association with biliary disorders retrospective analysis of the Bulgarian population
V. Serban, G. Stanescu, S. Serban, D. Stanescu, E. L. Grigorescu, Contrast versus patient dose in modern diagnostic radiology
V. D. Zivkovic, Scintigraphy measurement of segmental colonic transit in children with bowel bladder dysfunction

Medical use of radiation

A. Karimian, M. Ramezani, Skin cancer assessment in urolithiasis patients during ureteroscopic treatment
B. Y. Wang, H. H. Chen, H. Y. Tsai, Dose distribution and relative biological effect for intraoperative radiotherapy
D. Stanojevic et al., Radiology interventions in cardiovascular diseases during pregnancy- ignore taboos to save lives
D. Jablanovic, O. Ciraj-Bjelac, R. Maksimovic, S. Seric, Comparison of radiation dose and image quality in screen-film and digital radiography
M. Akpochafor, M. Aweda, Entrance radiation dose determination for selected cancer patients at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria
M. Laoues, Validation of gate simulation code for dosimetry in gynecological brachytherapy by CéSIUM-137: intercomparison system Manchester and ICRU-38
O. Ciraj-Bjelac, D. Arandjic, P. Bozovic, Quality control in interventional cardiology and radiology
S. Shubeska Stratrova, Central obesity index determined with DXA
V. Sekulic, M. Rajic, M. Vlajkovic, S. Ilic, M. Stevic, Influence of lithium carbonate on efficacy of radioiodine therapy in patients with Graves’ hyperthyroidism-our preliminary results
M. Vlajković, M. Rajić, M. Stević, S. Ilić, V. Petronijević, M. Matović, The influence of proliferation index on somatostatin receptor scan in patients with carcinoid tumors
Y. N. Kim, S. K. Kim, K. Jeong, C. G. Lee, I. J. Lee, J. Seong, S. H. Park, Evaluation of the scattered dose by blankets for helical tomotherapy
Y. N. Kim, S. K. Kim, K. Jeong, S. H. Park, Application of respiration data to evaluate the radiation dose for 4-dimensional radiotherapy
Y. L. Liao, S. M. Su, N. K. Lai, Y. Sh. Tyan, H. Y. Tsai, Off-center effects on radiation dose reduction to superficial organs in CT examinations: comparison of organ-based tube current modulation (OBTCM), in-plane bismuth shield, and copper foil beam filtration
L. Yettou, B. Mohamed, Calculation of the cross sections on 63Cu and 176Lu targets used for production of 64Cu and 177Lu therapeutic radionuclides by using the talys and empire codes
Y. M. Yousif, A. Badawi, Correction of splitted radiotherapy course for cancer patients
G. Pavlovski, M. Nikolova, V. Poposka, A. Stankov, R. Jankova-Ajanovska, Lj. Cakar, The role of forensic radiology in the process of forensic expertise and investigation

Medical physics

B. Caccia et al., GEANT4 Monte Carlo as a tool to evaluate the effect of different lung densities on radiotherapy dose distribution
K. P. Chang, L. Y. Chen, Y. H. Chien, Monte Carlo simulation of LINAC irradiation with dynamic wedges
M. Akpochafor, Aweda, M. Tumelo, Precision comparison of different monitor unit algorithms using an in-house designed phantom
P. Kazantsev, Clinical narrow photon beam profile reconstruction from measurement data with ionization chamber
V. I. Kharlov, V. I. Potetnya, A. A. Lichagin, Effective and equivalent dose evaluation for breast cancer radiation treatment on NG-24 neutron generator
V. Gracanin, A. Rosenfeld, M. Lerch, Neutron dosimetry for an 18MV medical linear accelerator using silicon pin didoes
Kh. Iqbal, S. Ahmad, Evaluation of the accuracy of a commercial radiation treatment planning system for external beam partial breast irradiation with an anthropomorphic presage dosimeter and radiochromic film
Z. G. Portakal, C. Tunali, A comparative treatment planning study of intensity modulated radiotherapy and 3-d conformal radiotherapy for head & neck cancer
R. Tzoneva, I. Ugrinova, V. Uzunova, M. R. Berger, Combine action of electrical field and erufosine on breast cancer cells

Pharmacological aspects of radiation

D. Niculae, I. Ursu, L. Craciun, R. Leonte, A. Silisteanu, F. Puicea, A new facility for radiopharmaceuticals research at IFIN-HH
S. Koryakin et al., The study of new compounds based on hyaluronic acid for neutron and photon capture therapies

Thursday, May 29

17:30-19:00 Lobby


A. Ion, The influence of minerals, fossils and rocks displayed in geological collections on indoor radon levels
D. Strumińska-Parulska, B. Skwarzec, Characterization of 241Pu occurrence, distribution and bioaccumulation in seabirds
D. Strumińska-Parulska, B. Skwarzec, 241Pu in the Southern Baltic Sea
D. Strumińska-Parulska, B. Skwarzec, K. Szymańska, Polonium 210Po and radiolead 210Pb in hair of domestic animals
D. Maletić et al., Multivariate analysis of climate variables, teleconnection indices and activities of lead-210 and beryllium-7 in surface air in Belgrade, Serbia
G. Malinovsky, I. Yarmoshenko, V. Starichenko, Assessment of contemporary radiation exposure of Murine rodents at the territories of the East-Ural radioactive trace
A. Gusev, M. I. Malmonge, High time resolution measurements of the 214Pb concentration in rainfalls
I. Antovic, N. Svrkota, M. Hadzibrahimovic, R. Zizic, Radioecological research on three species of the genera Liza from the South Adriatic Sea
I. Yordanova, M. Banov, L. Misheva, D. Staneva, T. Bineva, Natural radioactivity in virgin soils and Soils from some areas with closed uranium mining facilities in Bulgaria
J. Ajtić, Đ. Stratimirović, V. Đurđević, D. Todorović, J. Nikolić, Wavelet spectral analysis of teleconnection indices and activities of beryllium-7 and lead-210 in ground level air in Belgrade, Serbia
J. Petrović, R. Dragović, B. Gajić, M. Ćujić, S. Dragović, Vertical migration of 137Cs in undisturbed arenosols of Banat, Serbia
Lj. Janković-Mandić, S. Dragović, M. Đorđević, M. Đokić, R. Dragović, Radium-226 activity concentrations in well and spring waters in Serbia: spatial distribution and relation to geological formations
M. Li, W. Yao, J. Yang, Z. Shen, E. Yang, Using 137Cs analysis to study the effect of slope aspect on the hillslope erosion
M. Petrovic, D. Vucic, J. Karamarkovic, Dose assesment from building materials used in housing sector in Serbia
N. B. Sarap, M. M. Janković, D. J. Todorović, Preliminary examination of the gross alpha and gross beta activity in vitamins
P. Otahal, J. Merta, Radioactivity of private drinking water wells
P. Kovacheva, R. Djingova, Impact of sharp temperature variations on the migration ability of 137Cs in four soil types from Bulgaria
R. Kazantseva, Determination of 238U and 232Th in samples from environment, soil and plants
S. Forkapić, J. Nikolov, K. Bikit, J. Hansman, S. Milojković, Radioactivity monitoring of the City of Niš
Z. Grsic et al., Mathematical modeling of total dose to a hypothetical resident in the environment of nuclear facility by contamination through the atmosphere
S. Herenda, E. Zovko, G. Radović-Rajević, Gammaspectrometric determination U-238 in root plant species
A. Boryło, B. Skwarzec, Disequilibrium activity between uranium (234U, 235U, 238U) isotopes in the environment around phosphogypsum waste heap in Northern Poland
A. Boryło, B. Skwarzec, The potential sources of uranium isotopes (234U, 235U, 238U) contamination in the Baltic Sea from Poland
R. Incze, S. Gyila, B. D. Burghele, M. Mircea, C. Cosma, Some results on natural and artificial radioactivity in Covasna county (Romania)
A. R. Iurian, C. Cosma, C. Stihi, A practical experimental approach for the determination of gamma-emitting radionuclides in environmental samples
M. B. Radenković, J. D. Joksić, Š. S. Miljanić, Synergy of chemical and isotopic signatures data for environmental fate studies
M. Cherepnev, I. Ippolitov, P. Nagorsky, S. Smirnov, V. Yakovleva, A. Vukolov, Alpha-, beta- radioactive aerosols behavior in the ground atmosphere
R. C. Begy, O. A. Dumitru, A. R. Iurian, S. Hedvig, S. Kelemen, Alfa and gamma spectrometry application in dating lakes sediments from Danube delta, Romania: preliminary results
E. O. Agbalagba, R.O.A. Osakwe, Gamma spectroscopy study of natural radioactivity in soil, sediment, drinking and brine waters in communities of the oil rich Niger delta region of Nigeria
G. Yaprak, Ö. Yaşar, The natural radionuclide distribution in commercial Turkish natural stones
I. Vukasinovic, D. Todorovic, N. Nikolic, J. Nikolic, M. Rajacic, M. Jankovic, Influence of soil properties on soil-to-plant transfer factors of natural radionuclides in the vicinity of coal fired power plants in Serbia
M. Rakić, M. Karaman, S. Forkapić, J. Hansman, I. Bikit, M. Matavulj, Natural and artificial radionuclides in three wild mushroom species from Serbia
C. Saueia, M. Nisti, B. Mazzilli, Comparison of 210Pb determination in environmental samples by liquid scintillation counting and gas flow proportional counting
M. Nisti, C. Saueia, B. Mazzilli, Determination of 14C efficiency by liquid scintillation counter using two methods: triple to double coincidence ratio and quench parameter external
S. Aközcan, Natural and artificial radionuclide content of surface sediments in Candarli Gulf, Turkey

Non-ionizing radiation

A. M. Marjanovic, I. Pavicic, I. Trosic, Study on cell oxidation-reduction equilibrium after modulated radiofrequency radiation
B. Srdjenovic Conic et al., Effects of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields on the antioxidative enzyme activities in human cancer cell line and micronuclei in human lymphocytes
D. Dabala, E. Surducan, D. Surcel, V. Surducan, Occupational health risk study: possible interplay of biological effects of RF EMF and smoking habits
D. Petrenyov, The delayed activation of tissue macrophages is an untargeted effect of exposure to ionizing and non-ionizing radiation
D. Petrenyov, N.Timokhina, A. Naumau, The peculiarities of human keratinocyte (HaCaT) responses to exposure to UV radiation in vitro
I. Gretsky, L. Zelena, E. Gromozova, Influence of ultra-high frequency irradiation on Photobacterium phosphoreum luxb gene expression
L. Oprica, G. Vochita, D. E. Creanga, E. Ungureanu, Z. Olteanu, S. Miclaus, Non-ionizing radiation impact on cellulolytic fungus enzymes
L. Zelena, I. Gretsky, E. Gromozova, Influence of ultrahigh frequency electromagnetic radiation on yeast colony development and spatio-temporal flo-genes expression
M. Grbić, A. Pavlović, B. Vulević, Interlaboratory comparison of measuring and calculation results of electric field strength near 35 kV overhead power line
S. Ćirković, A. Ž. Ilić, J. L. Ristić-Djurović, R. Radiša, Experimental electromagnet for in vivo exposure of small animals to ELF electromagnetic fields
Yu.P. Chukova, Experimental data processing for bioeffects of electromagnetic radiation in different frequency intervals
Z. Mijatovic, Z. Podrascanin, A. Firanj, R. Kobilarov, Sun’s UV radiation and ozone layer thickness over the region of Novi Sad, Serbia
I. Luminosu, A. de Sabata, S. Ilie, D. Jovanović, D. Krstić, Characteristics of solar radiation in region close to Timisoara
D. Krstić, D. Zigar, M. Dunjić, D. Petković, N. Cvetković, D. Sokolović, Electromagnetic modeling of tooth with dental amalgam fillings exposed to mobile phone
M. Israel, M. Ivanova, V. Zaryabova, P. Ivanova, I. Topalova, H. Petkova, New aspects of legislation concerning EMF exposure to medical personnel in MRI
M. Ivanova, M. Israel, I. Topalova, UV exposure to personnel in medicine, science and industry
V. Prifti, L. Karteri, Measurements of waveguides parameters
L. Ruçi, Nokia windows mobile’s power consumption measurements and analysis

Radiation physics

E. Bosykh, V. Sohoreva, The possibility of using nuclear track membrane for ophthalmology
E. Ndreçka, E. Vataj, N. Civici, I. Gjipli, T. Dilo, Application of EDXRF spectrometry for the analysis of ancient ceramics
H.C. Manjunatha, Specific absorbed fraction of energy and relative photon dose in hydroxyapatite
H. K. Namburi, O. Marcinka, M. Miklos, E. Havlova Homzova, Multi-purpose research facility: 60Co gamma irradiation unit at research center ŘEž
I. V. Khyzhniy, E. V. Savchenko, S. A. Uyutnov, A. N. Ponomaryov, G. B. Gumenchuk, V. E. Bondybey, Anomalous desorption from pre-irradiated solid nitrogen
N. Vasovic, R. Duane, A. Jaksic, Optimized readout electronics for SPM gamma detector
P. Skorobogatov, The latent effects in digital ICS under electrical overstress pulses and Arrhenius law
S. Bilińska, L. Markowski, Application of optically stimulated exoelectron emission from CsCl in fast irradiation dose readouts
S. Popovic, L. Vuskovic, A. Samolov, M. Basovic, Secondary electron emission and multipactor discharges
T. V. Chuvilskaya, Interpretation and prediction of nuclear experimental results by the data-containing codes
V. Ljubenov, R. Simović, P. Osmokrović, Integral reflection coefficients for oblique incidence of photons in the domain of initial energies up to 300 keV
A. Nikiforov, D. Boychenko, V. Telets, Complex approach to microelectronics radiation hardness investigation
E. Mandowska, A. Mandowski, Theoretical and experimental investigation of dose response in non-homogeneous OSL detectors

Radiation chemistry

A. Negrón-Mendoza, Gamma radiolysis of aconitic acid in aqueous solution
B. Slavchev, B. Veleva, L. Dobrev, D. Dimitrova, A. Nikiforova, Alpha and ICP-MS spectrometry application in analyzing variety of matrices and activity concentrations
A. E. Cruz-Hernández, M. Colín-García, A. Heredia-Barbero, A. Negrón-Mendoza, S. Ramos, Heterogeneous radiolysis of urea. Implications for astrobiology and prebiotic chemistry
D. Niculae, F. Puicea, I. Esanu, C. Tuta, Radiolabelling of peptides with 68Ga from tin oxide based 68Ge/68Ga generator: postprecessing, chelators, automation and quality control
I. Pucić, K. Kavkler, B. Mihaljević, Radiation treatment of aged model textile samples
K. Markov, B. Mihaljević, A. Domijan, J. Pleadin, In situ reduction of aflatoxin B1 level by gamma irradiation
I. Pucić, V. Borjanović, Thermal analysis of some irradiated poly(ethylene- terephtalate) nanocomposites
T. Jurkin, M. Gotić, Synthesis of gold nanoparticles using γ-irradiated water-in-oil microemulsion


D. Dimitrijevic, T. Cvetic Antic, Splitting of UVC radiation dose reduces oxidative stress but increases damage in photosynthetic apparatus in PEA (Pisum sativum L.)
D. Radonjić, M. Krivokapić, M. Miloradov, Distribution of physiological groups of microorganisms in the water at the locality Vukovci as an indicator of the presence of emergent in water
E. Dimitrieska-Stojkovic et al., Impact of climate changes on increased levels of aflatoxins in feedstuffs and raw milk from Republic of Macedonia
R. Pivić, A. Stanojković-Sebić, Z. Dinić, D. Jošić, Examination of the hazardous and harmful substances content in the water used for irrigation of agricultural soil in the basin of river Timok

Friday, May 30

14:00-15:30 Lobby

Radiation measurements

A.R. Pascu, M. Toacaci, A. Timar-Gabor, Retrospective accident dosimetry using ubiquitous materials
A. L. Amilcar, P. M. P. Santos, A. Bento, B. Quintana, Absorbed dose and effective dose in food irradiation: Measurement and validation with different phantoms
B. Pourshahab, S. M. Hosseini Pooya, M. R. Abdi, C. Rasouli, Measurement of spatial distribution of hard x-ray due to runaway electrons in damavand tokamak limiter
B. Šećerov, Dosimetry in process control in radiation processing
Ch. Seokwon, S.A., Lim, J.S., Chae, Spatio-temporal variations of anthropogenic radionuclides in the seawater of East Sea/Japan Sea before Fukushima accident
D. Joković, R. Banjanac, D. Maletić, V. Udovičić, N. Veselinović, B. Grabež, A GEANT4 based method to estimate radon concentration inside lead castle of shielded germanium detectors
D. Fukumori, L. Campos Rodrigues, Study of TL and OSL properties of electrofused alumina pellets
D. Krezhova, N. Petrov, S. Maneva, A. Stoev, Spectral reflectance measurements for detection and monitoring of plant diseases
G. M. Liosi, F. Giacobbo, E. Pignoli, L. Marrone, G. Gambarini, M. Mariani, Study of the effects of temporal variables on the response of Fricke-Xylenol Orange gel dosimeters
I. Jakonić, J. Nikolov, N. Todorović, B. Tenjović, I. Bikit, Quench effects in tritium measurements by liquid scintillation counting
J. Nikolic, G. Pantelic, M. Zivanovic, M. Rajacic, D. Todorovic, Comparison of two methods for HPGe detector efficiency calibration for charcoal canister radon measurement
J. Kamińska, B. Ciesielski, K. Krefft, M. Juniewicz, K. Emerich, B. Drogoszewska, Verification of radiotherapy doses in patients’ teeth by EPR dosimetry
J. Mazeika, G. Lujaniene, R. Petrosius, Preliminary determination of difficult to measure radionuclides in nuclear waste from Ignalina nuclear power plant decommissioning
J. Tecl, IND04 MetroMetal project – selected results
K. Szewczak, K. Woloszczuk, K. Ciupek, D. Aksamit, Response fluctuation of radiological protection instruments used in nuclear medicine departments
K. Szewczak, S. Jednorog, Application of argon filled ionization chamber for gamma/x radiation measurements around plasma-focus experimental system
L. Perazić, I. Knežević, N. Zdjelarević, Application of optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dosimeters in personal dosimetry
M. Dolha, A. Timar-Gabor, C. Cosma, A high resolution map of gamma dose rates in Cluj county, Romania using LiF:Mg,Cu,P detectors
N. M. Antović, S. K. Andrukhovich, A. V. Berestov, A contribution of the Compton scattered radiation to double gamma coincidences spectra at the 32-detector system
P. Tulik, K. Tyminska, M. Maciak, Epithermal neutron calibration field
R. Banjanac, V. Udovičić, D. Joković, D. Maletić, J. Filipović, N. Veselinović, A. Dragić, Relation between daily gamma-ray background and radon variability in the underground low-level laboratory in Belgrade, Serbia
R. I. Dobrin, C. N. Dulama, Al. Toma, Cherenkov counting for beta radioactivity determination with a liquid scintillation analyzer
S. Perov, E. Bogacheva, Q. Balzano, N. Kuster, N. Rubtsova, Correlation of dosimetric and magnetic near field free space measurements
V.T. Maslyuk, I.G. Megela, T.O. Okunieva, V.M. Holovey, M.M. Birov, On the possibility of the use of the long-term phosphorescence of the Li2B4O7:Cu and Li2B4O7:Mn crystals for the high-current electron beam dosimetry
Á. Farkas, I. Balásházy, The role of mucociliary clearance in the microdosimetry of the inhaled radon daughters
M. R. Calin, I. Radulescu, M. A. Calin, G. I. Simionca, Radiometric measurements and evaluation of radon concentration in some Northern Romanian salt mines
M. Troshina, A. Lychagin, V. Potetnya, P. Prusachenko, Experimental neutron and γ-rays absorbed dose evaluation in superficial skin layer using radiochromic film
N. K. Lai, Y. L. Liao, Y. Sh. Tyan, H. Y. Tsai, Perfusion CT dose assessment for acute stroke: comparison of bismuth shield and organ-based tube current modulation
A. Boryło, B. Skwarzec, G. Romańczyk, Activity of 210Po in the blood and urine of the residents of the tricity agglomeration
D. Sporea, A. Stancalie, L. Ionascu, M. Nicu, C. Turcanu, Fiber optical-based system for in-situ monitoring of radioactive waste conditioning by cementation
K. Ciupek, D. Aksamit, K. Wołoszczuk, K. Szewczak, Application of TL dosimeters in mixed field beta/photon radiation
P. Otahal, K. Johnova, Radioactive aerosol concentration determination by surface contamination monitor
P. Tulik, N. Golnik, K. Domanska, Study on recombination index of radiation quality of x-ray radiation
V. Cidzikienė, V. Jakimavičiūtė-Maselienė, An assessment of fluorescent tracer dyes used for groundwater tracing
B. Veleva, B. Slavchev, L. Dobrev, D. Dimitrova, A. Nikiforova, Alpha spectromertry application in analizing variaty of matrices and activity concentrations
M. M. Janković, G. K. Pantelić, N. B. Sarap, D. J. Todorović, Comparison of two different methods for gross alpha and gross beta activity determination in water samples
A. Marciniak, B. Ciesielski, A, Prawdzik-Dampc, The effects of dose and water treatment on EPR signals in irradiated fingernails
K. Kozak, D. Grządziel, J. Mazur, M. Mroczek, Tools for determination of radioactivity background at the location of planned nuclear power plant

Radiation detectors

C. Ivascu, A. Timar-Gabor, O. Cozar, Raman and thermoluminescence dosimetric investigations on P2O5-BaO-K2O glass system
E. E. Karali, T. Karali, A. Kelemen, V. Holovey, C. Harmansah, Dosimetric characteristics of Li2B4O7:Mn single crystal
E. E. Karali, Z. Kotan, C. Harmansah, T. Karali, A. Kelemen, V. Holovey, Effect of thermal quenching on thermoluminescence parameters of Li2B4O7:Ag single crystal
G. Gambarini et al., Measurements with radiochromic dosimeters in proton beams of various energies
J. Nikolic, M. Rajacic, D. Todorovic, V. Tim, Estimation of uncertainty of HPGe efficiency calculated by EFTRAN using virtual point detector model
L. de Holanda Mencarini, C. A. Federico, L. V. E. Caldas, Performance study of a passive radiation detector for aviation purposes using the Monte Carlo method
L. Sukhikh, E. Sukhikh, E. Shuvalov, F. Pak, M. Rychkov, Development of the fast radiation detector for online monitoring of betatron bremsstrahlung beam stability
Ł. Murawski, M. Gryziński, Simple detectors for criticality accident dosimetry
M.A. Sharaf, G.M. Hassan, E. Aboelezz, A. El-Khodary, Gamma-ray dosimetric properties of Ba0.88Sr0.12SO4)99.8%:Eu0.2% nanophosphor using thermoluminescence technique
M. S. Martínez-García, F. Simancas, A. J. Palma, M. Lallena, J. Banquero, M. A. Carvajal, Commercial pMOS as radiation sensor for IORT
M. Akpochafor, S. Adeneye, M. Aweda, Thermoluminiscent dosimetry in clinical kilovoltage beams G. Redin et al., Reusable MOS dosimeters for radio-therapy real time monitoring. Calibration and first in-vivo measurements
G. Redin et al., Reusable MOS dosimeters for radio-therapy real time monitoring. Calibration and first in-vivo measurements
E.V. Ryabeva, V.V. Kadilin, E. M. Tyurin, V.I. Mukhin, G.L. Didenko, S. Chebishev, S.V. Nebolsin, Advanced technology for neutron registration to replace widely used helium detectors in particular with scintillator detectors
V. Ivanov, A. Loutchanski, S. Gushchin, Room-temperature semiconductor CDZNTE detectors for various applications
S. Ceklic, O. Ciraj-Bjelac, I. Nikolovski, D. Arandjic, Investigation of radiation survey meters in X and gamma radiation fields
A. O. Cetinkaya, E. Yilmaz, N. D. Vasovic, A. Jaksic, C. Jackson, R. Duane, Miniature silicon photomultiplier (SIPM) based scintillator system for low power high performance detection applications

Radiobiology and radiation effects

A. Kotava, Incidence of a thyroid cancer in the Gomel region of Belarus after Chernobyl accident
D. Petrenyov, The elevated level of reactive nitrogen species production in bone marrow cells in rats exposed to low dose of ionizing radiation could be hereditable
I. Esanu, F. Puicea, D. Niculae, Biological evaluation of 68Ga-DOTA-NT for PET imaging and therapy follow-up
J. Mrdjanovic et al., Micronuclei and 8OHdG in hospital workers professionally exposed to ionizing radiation
S. Kolubaeva, I. Sukhina, A. Ivanov, A. Kissel, O. Krasnova, T. Isakova, Immunocytogenetics investigation of the patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, who had contact with radiation
M. Shaposhnikov, D. Peregudova, A. Moskalev, Transgenic lines of drosophila melanogaster as possible biosensors of low doses of ionizing radiation
N. A. Metlyaeva, A. Yu. Bushmanov, V. I. Krasnuk, Features of social and phychophysiological adaptation of three patients who were injured at failure of the Chernobyl nuclear power station, which have trans-ferred acute radiation disease of III- IV of severity and local radiation injuries of the I-IV severity
N. Maznyk, T. Sypko, N. Pshenichna, I. Krugova, L. Zabobonina, V. Starenkiy, Chromosome aberrations in cancer patients with different tumour localizations undergone Co60 radiotherapy
V. Potetnya, E. Koryakina, Biological efficiency of slow heavy charged particles
V. Vasilieva, M. Alyakov, M. Apostolova, In vitro testing of radioprotective effect of different copper chelators on HepG2 cells and primary human lymphocytes
A. Gajta, I. Malaescu, C. N. Marin, Photokeratoconjunctivitis caused by different light sources
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