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Conference program can be downloaded here

Book of Abstracts of RAD 2014 Conference can be downloaded here

Book of Abstracts of SEERAS Symposium can be downloaded here

Proceedings of RAD 2014 Conference can be downloaded here

Proceedings of SEERAS Symposium can be downloaded here

Some presentations of Invited Lectures:

Gayle Woloschak, Northwestern University, USA, Using archival animal databases to re-evaluate dose and dose-rate effectiveness factor (DDREF) estimates here.

Constantin Cosma, Babes-Bolyai University, Romania, Radon research status in Romania here.

Francesco Bochicchio, Italian National Institute of Health, Italy, Protection from health risks due to radon exposure and recent /forthcoming regulations: Present knowledge and challenges here.

Stephanie Hurst, Saxon State Ministry for Environment and Agriculture, Germany, EU – BSS, National radon action plan - an approach to get hold of geogenic risk here.

Diana Nesheva-Slavova, Institute of Solid State Physics, Sofia, Bulgaria, Application of metal-oxide-semiconductor structures containing silicon nanocrystals in radiation dosimetry here.

Jasna Mihailović, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, Management of patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma with radioiodine 131-I here.

Some oral presentations:

Tuesday, May 27

F. Manafi, S. M. Hosseini Pooya, L. Hafezi, A. R. Talaeipour, Occupational exposure due to working with a portable dental x-ray system here.

Đ. Milković, M. Ranogajec-Komor, L. Porcs-Makkay, Ž. Knežević, Influence of various factors on the dose of personnel during cardiology diagnostic here.

D. Arandjic, O. Ciraj-Bjelac, D. Hadnadjev, S. Stojanovic, P. Bozovic, Radiation doses in adults CT practice in Serbia: Initial results here.

T. Boal, K. Rovenska, T. Colgan, The IAEA programme for controlling public exposure to radon here.

B. Dehandschutter, The contribution of geological information to establish radon action plans here.

M. Zhukovsky, I. Yarmoshenko, A. Onishchenko, Problems of establishing national reference level here.

M. Neznal, M. Neznal, History of soil-gas radon concentration measurements in the Czech Republic here.

C. Cosma, B. Papp, A. Cucoş (Dinu), L. Suciu, O. A. Dumitru, G. Banciu, C. Sainz, First Results on Remedial Techniques against Radon in Area of Baita-Stei (Romania) here.

D. Krezhova, S. Maneva, Hyperspectral remote sensing applications for environmental protection here.

N. Kudryasheva et al., The use of marine luminous bacteria for assessing radiation hormesis and toxicity here.

R. Angelova, V. Groudeva, I. Nedkov, I. Sziklai-László, K. Krezhov, INAA study of synthetic and natural iron bacteria products here.

T. Wysokinski et al., QA dosimetry for the biomedical imaging and therapy facility at CLSI here.

S. Shubeska Stratrova, Dual energy x-ray absorptiometry gold standard for bone health and body composition assessment here.

T. McKenna, P. V. Welter, J. Callen, E. Buglova, Protection of the public during a severe emergency at a light water reactor or its spent fuel pool here.

I. Vošahlíková, P. Otáhal, Decontamination of protective clothing against radioactive contamination here.

M. Spunei, M. Mihai, I. Malaescu, C. N. Marin, Absorbing materials with applications in radiotherapy and radioprotection here.

J. Ranouil et al., Results of the French national working group GEDOC for occupational eye-lens exposure in clinical and industry fields here.

F. Bochicchio, S. Antignani, C. Carpentieri, G. Venoso, The Italian national radon action plan: some results and perspectives here.

P. Bossew et al., Relation between radon in schools and in dwellings: A case study in a rural region of Southern Serbia – the “Onion Study” here.

K. Ivanova, M. Tsenova, B. Kunovska, Z. Stojanovska, V. Badulin, Measurements of indoor radon concentration in kindergartens in Sofia, Bulgaria here.

A. Y. Kilcar, F. Z. B. Muftuler, H. Enginar, E. I. Medine, V. Tekin, P. Unka, A novel brain imaging agent including Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis potential: 99MTC-BIOQUIN-HMPAO here.

Wednesday, May 28

I. Krajcar Bronić, J. Barešić, N. Horvatinčić, Determination of biogenic fraction in solid and liquid fuel by the 14C method here.

I. Jakonić, N. Todorović, J. Nikolov, I. Krajcar Bronić, B. Tenjović, M. Vesković, Rapid method for tritium measurements with liquid scintillation counting on Quantulus 1220 here.

M. Ćujić, J. Petrović, M. Đorđević, R. Dragović, S. Dragović, The radiological hazard due to naturally occurring radionuclides in soil around thermoelectric power plant here.

Jevremović et al., High precision measurement of the half – life of 19Ne here.

N. Horvatinčić et al., Isotope analyses of the lake sediments in the Plitvice lakes area here.

N. Eren, E. Altinkaya, Researching of natural radiation dose level in the around of Beyşehir Lake of Turkey here.

M. Rogozina, M. Zhukovsky, A. Ekidin, M.Vasyanovich, Thoron decay products size distribution in monazite storage facility here.

R. Trevisi, F. Cardellini, F. Leonardi, C. Vargas Trassierra, A comparison of radon and thoron and their decay products behavior in indoor air here.

D. Pressyanov, D. Dimitrov, Using CDS/DVDS for radon and thoron monitoring in underground mines here.

D. Mrdja, K. Bikit, I. Bikit, J. Slivka, Monte-Carlo simulation of bremsstrahlung induced dose depending on source matrix here.

D. Krstic, Z. Jovanovic, V. Markovic, D. Nikezic, V. Urosevic, MCNP simulation of the dose distribution in liver and pancreas cancer treatment for BNCT therapy here.

Thursday, May 29

M. Herbert, V. Masondo, M. Makhebula, Comparison of neutron fluence energy distributions measured with NE213 proton recoil spectrometer and NE230 deuteron recoil spectrometer at the Ithemba labs time-of-flight facility here.

W. Bulski, K. Chełmiński, Radiochromic dosimetry films in radiotherapy here.

J. Mc Laughlin, The challenges of reducing the public health burden in Europe due to radon exposure here.

S. K. Sahoo et al., Distribution of Uranium and Thorium in Human hair and nail among residents of Niska Banja spa a high natural background radiation area of Serbia (Balkan Region - continental Europe) here.

V. Udovičić, et al., Comprehensive analysis of the long-term variations of low radon concentration in an underground laboratory here.

W. Ringer, J. Gräser, V. Gruber, W. Aspek, J. Gschnaller, Comprehensive investigation of radon exposure in Austrian tourist attraction mines and caves here.

M. Taheri, S. M. Hosseini Pooya, M. Jafarizadeh, M.R. Kardan, Measurement of sudden Increase of Radon Emission at the time of Earthquake Occurrence during Measurements of Natural Exposure of Tourist Caves in Iran: A Case Report of Katalekhor Tourist Cave in Zanjan City here.

S. Singh, H. P. Jaishi, R. P. Tiwari, R. C. Tiwari, Variations of soil radon concentrations along Chite Fault in Aizawl district, Mizoram, India here.

M. Erdogan, K. Manisa, F. Tel, The Measurement of radon activity concentrations in tap water in some dwellings of Konya province – Turkey here.

T. Streil, V. Oeser, G. Horak, S. Kobelt, M. Duzinski, J. Sabol, THORON SCOUT - The first diffusion based radon and thoron monitor for long term measurements in buildings here.

A. Sorimachi, S. Tokonami, Y. Omori, T. Ishikawa, Performance of the thoron chamber as the radioactive aerosol chamber here.

G. Bátor, A. Csordás, D. Horváth, J. Somlai, T. Kovács, Comparing track shape analysis-based automated slide scanner system with traditional methods here.

M. Jiranek, Sub-slab depressurization systems used in the Czech Republic and verification of their effectiveness here.

D.C. Nguyen, M. Gargul, Determination of very low content of radium isotopes in drinking and mineral waters here.

R. Kritsananuwat, H. Arae, M. Fukushi, S. Chanyotha, S. K. Sahoo, Natural radionuclides and radiation risk assessment in Southern Thailand soils here.

R.C. Begy, A. R. Iurian, O. A. Dumitru, L. Preoteasa, Preliminary results of 210Pb dating method in the Danube delta Lacustrine System from Romania here.

М. Е. Vasyanovich, А. А. Ekidin, I. V. Yarmoshenko, Radionuclide ratio in TENORM studies here.

V. Singh, Preclinical development of a bridging therapy for radiation casualties
I. Yarmoshenko, G. Malinovsky, L. Konshina, M. Zhukovsky, Late cancer and non-cancer effects of chronic radiation exposure of bone marrow

N. Kuzmina, A. Myazin, N. Lapteva, A. Rubanovich, The study of aberrant methylation in blood leukocytes of irradiated parents and their children here.

V.Yu. Nugis et al., Retrospective dose evaluation by means of classic cytogenetic method here.

Ş. O. Gürdal, Ö. Gündüz, M. Tombakoğlu, Analysis of neutron response of BeO-OSL personal dosimeters here.

B. Papp, C. Cosma, A. Cucos (Dinu), International intercomparison exercise of active radon devices and passive detectors at the First East European Radon Symposium (FERAS 2012) here.

S. Forkapić, K. Jilek, P. Jovanovič, J. Nikolov, K. Bikit, Thoron intercomparison measurements – problems, corrections and results here.

V. Yakovleva, A. Vukolov, M. Cherepnev, T. Streil, I. Ippolitov, P. Nagorsky, S. Smirnov, Validity check of using -, - and -radiation detectors for soil radon monitoring here.

M. Neznal, M. Neznal, Field intercomparison measurement of soil-gas radon concentration - Practical introduction here.

Friday, May 30

S. Bercea, E. Iliescu, I. Mitu, A. Celarel, C. Cenusa, Dosimetry for a new research facility, ELI-NP here.

M. S. Martínez-García, J. Torres del Río, A. J. Palma, A. B. Jaksic, J. Banqueri and M. A. Carvajal, Multiple current method applied to characterization of RADFETs here.

B. Tóth Schilling, N. Sándor, G. Sáfrány, H. Hegyesi, GDF-15 overexpression increase radiosensitivity of breast cancer cells here.

G. Kramberger et al., Review of recent results from RD50 collaboration on development of radiation hard particle detectors here.

B. Moreno, M. Million, Development by Landauer of a new passive dosimeter based on the optically stimulated luminescence technology for IEC 62387 compliance here.

S. Chiriotti, D. Moro, V. Conte, P. Colautti, B. Grosswendt, E. Sterpin, S. Vynckier, General aspects to calibrate TEPCs in terms of lineal energy here.

R. Radu, E. Fretwurst, G. Lindstroem, L. C. Nistor, V. S. Nistor, I. Pintilie, Comprehensive investigations of point and cluster radiation induced defects in silicon here.

V. V. Kadilin, E. V. Ryabeva, E. M. Tyurin, V. T. Samossadny, S. V. Kolesnikov, V. O. Nebolsin, Detectors on ionizing radiation on based of crystal scintillators structures here.

T. Paunesku, S. Raha, B. Wanzer and G. E. Woloschak, Investigation of micro RNA (miR) expression in archival animal samples here.

N. Anastasov, Contribution of non-coding genome to susceptibility at low doses of radiation (studies on a cohort of Serbian children exposed to X-irradiation here.

K. Stankova, E. Zaharieva, N. Aneva, O. Katzarska, P. Ostoich, R. Georgieva, R. Boteva, Molecular markers for the assessment of radiation-induced oxidative stress in occupationally irradiated individuals here.

K. Krefft, B. Drogoszewska, J. Kamińska, M. Juniewicz, G. Wołąkiewicz, I. Jakacka, B. Ciesielski, Application of EPR dosimetry in bone for verification of doses in radiotherapy patients here.

K. Polaczek-Grelik, J. Derus, A. Giłka, A. Kawa-Iwanicka, M. Stefańczyk, Secondary radiation in high-energy linac radiotherapy using intensity modulated techniques here.

J. Burger, V. Cindro, A. Gorišek, G. Kramberger, I. Mandić, M. Zavrtanik, M. Mikuž, Development of in-vivo diamond dosimetry for Brachytherapy here.

M. Gryziński, A new generation of recombination chambers here.

B. Obryk, P. Bilski, K. Hodyr, P. Mika, High-level TL dosimetry for high-temperature environment here.