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Preliminary program of SEERAS Symposium

Tuesday, May27

08:00 – 09:30 Registration

09:30 – 10:00 Room A: Offical opening

10:00 – 11:00 Room A: Plenary session
• RAD 2014: Ahmed Meghzifene, IAEA-VIC, Austria: "Dosimetry standards in medical radiation dosimetry: needs and challenges"
• SEERAS: Tore Tollefsen, EC Joint Research Centre, Italy: “From the European indoor radon map towards a map of natural radiation”

11:00 – 11:30 Refreshments

11:30 – 13:00 Oral sessions:
Room B: RAD 2014 - Radiation protection in medicine
Room C: SEERAS - General aspects and Rn policy
Room D: RAD 2014 - Medical imaging

13:00 – 14:30 Lunch

14:30 – 15:30 Room A: Plenary session:
• RAD 2014: Daniele Giuffrida, EC Joint Research Centre, Italy: "Nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste management at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission"
• SEERAS: Constantin Cosma, Babes-Bolyai University, Romania: “Radon research status in Romania”

15:30 – 17:00 Oral sessions:
Room B: RAD 2014 - Radiation protection
Room C: SEERAS - Indoor Rn and Tn
Room D: RAD 2014 - Medical physics
Room E: RAD 2014 - Biophysics

17:00 – 17:30 Resfreshments

17:00 – 18:30 Poster sessions - Lobby:

RAD 2014: Radiation protection, Radiation protection in Medicine, Medical imaging, Medical use of radiation, Medical physics, Pharmacological aspects of radiation.
SEERAS: Rn news from the region and regional Rn policy, Rn geology and water.

Wednesday, May 28

09:00 – 10:00 Room A: Plenary session
• RAD 2014: Anatoly Rozenfeld, University of Wollongong, Australia: "Advanced semiconductor dosimetry in radiation therapy"
• SEERAS: Francesco Bochicchio, Italian National Institute of Health, Italy: “Protection from health risks due to radon exposure and recent /forthcoming regulations: present knowledge and challenges”

10:00 – 10:30 Refreshments

10:30 – 12:00 Oral sessions:
Room B: RAD 2014 - Radiation measurements and radioecology
Room C: SEERAS - Indoor Rn and Tn regarding different issues
Room D: RAD 2014 – Non-ionizing radiation
Room E: RAD 2014 – Radiation physics

12:00 – 13:30 Lunch

13:30 – 19:30 Excursion

Thursday, May 29

09:00 – 10:30 Room A: Plenary session
• RAD 2014: Gayle E. Woloschak, Northwestern University, USA, "Using archival animal databases to re-evaluate dose and dose-rate effectiveness factor (DDREF) estimates"
• SEERAS: Stephanie Hurst, Saxon State Ministry for Environment and Agriculture, Germany: “EU - BSS National radon action plan - an approach to get hold of geogenic risk”
• RAD 2014: Iveta Waczulikova, ComeniusUniversity, Bratislava, Slovakia: "What is hypothesis testing? Statistical versus biological significance."

10:30 – 11:00 Refreshments

11:00 – 12:30 Oral sessions:
Room B: RAD 2014 - Radiation measurements
Room C: SEERAS - Rn/Tn radiology, dose assessment and risk
Room D: RAD 2014 – Radioecology
Room E: RAD 2014 – Biomedicine

12:30 – 14:00 Lunch

14:00 – 16:00 Room C: SEERAS - Oral session: Outdoor radon

14:00 – 15:00 Room A: RAD 2014 - Plenary session:
• RAD 2014: Diana Nesheva-Slavova, Institute of Solid State Physics, Sofia, Bulgaria: "Application of metal-oxide-semiconductor structures containing silicon nanocrystals in radiation dosimetry"
• RAD 2014: Jasna Mihailović, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, Management of patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma with radioiodine 131-I,

15:00 – 16:30 RAD 2014 - Oral sessions:
Room B: RAD 2014 - Radiation measurements and radioecology
Room D: RAD 2014 – Radiobiology and radiation effects
Room E: RAD 2014 - Neutron and space radiation

16:00 – 16:15 Refreshments

16:15 – 18:30 Room C: SEERAS - Oral session: Procedures and techniques

17:00 – 18:30 Poster sessions – Lobby:
RAD 2014: Radioecology, Non-ionizing radiation, Radiation physics, Radiation chemistry, Biochemistry.

18:30 – 19:30 Poster sessions – Lobby:
SEERAS: Radiology and risk, Procedures and Techniques

20:00 – 02:00 Gala Dinner

Friday, May 30

09:00 – 10:30 RAD 2014 - Oral sessions:
Room B: RAD 2014 - Radiation measurements
Room C: SEERAS - Field measurements
Room D: RAD 2014 – Radiobiology

10:30 – 11:00 Refreshments

11:00 – 19:00 Field intercomparison exercise – soil gas radon concentration measurements, Niška Banja

(lunch on site)

11:00 – 12:30 RAD 2014 - Oral sessions:
Room B: Radiation measurements
Room C: Radiation detectors
Room D: Radiobiology

12:30 – 14:00 Lunch

14:00 – 15:30 Poster sessions:
RAD 2014: Radiation measurements, Radiation detectors, Radiobiology, Neutron radiation,Space Radiation, Biomedical engineering, Biomedicine.


Tuesday, May 27

11:30-13:30 General aspects and Rn policy
11:30-11:45 Special Talk: Zora S. Žunić, Design, methodology and QA aspect of radon /thoron survey in Serbia
11:45-12:00 G. Gillmore, R. Crockett, F. Perrier, A Review of UNESCO IGCP Project 571, 'Radon, Health and Natural Hazards'
12:00-12:15 T. Boal, G. Rovenska, T. Colgan, The IAEA programme for controlling public exposure to radon
12:15-12:30 Boris Dehandschutter, The contribution of geological information to establish radon action plans
12:30-12:45 M. Zhukovsky, I. Yarmoshenko, A. Onishchenko, Problems of establishing national reference level
12:45-13:00 Ch. S. Aliev, A. A. Feyzullaev, R. J. Bagirli, F. F. Mahmudova, Radon field in Azerbaijan: nature, concentration levels and experience for its reduction
13:00-13:15 M. Neznal, M. Neznal, History of soil-gas radon concentration measurements in the Czech Republic
13:15-13:30 C. Cosma, B. Papp, A. Cucoş (Dinu), L. Suciu, O. A. Dumitru, G. Banciu, C. Sainz, First Results on Remedial Techniques against Radon in Area of Baita-Stei (Romania)
15.30-17.15 Indoor Rn and Tn
15.30-15.45 F. Bochicchio, S. Antignani, C. Carpentieri, G. Venoso, The Italian national radon action plan: some results and perspectives
15.45-16.00 C. Sainz-Fernandez et al., The Spanish indoor radon mapping strategy
16.00-16.15 Z. Stojanovska et al., Preliminary results from time integrated measurements concentrations of indoor radon, thoron and their progenies in schools of Republic of Macedonia
16.15-16.30 K. Ivanova, M. Tsenova, B. Kunovska, Z. Stoianovska, V. Badulin, Measurements of indoor radon concentration in kindergartens in Sofia, Bulgaria
16.30-16.45 G. Wurm, W. Ringer, J. Gräser, H. Friedmann, A. Baumgartner, C. Seidel, F. Kabrt, Comprehensive radon surveys in six municipalities in Austria
16.45-17.00 P. Bossew et al., Relation between radon in schools and in dwellings: a case study in a rural region of Southern Serbia – the “Onion Study”

Wednesday, May 28

10.30-12.30 Indoor Rn and Tn regarding different issues
10.30-10.45 S. Tokonami, T. Ishikawa, S. K. Sahoo, A. Sorimachi, M. Hosoda, Y. Omori, Thoron and its progeny in high background radiation areas
10.45-11.00 D. Pressyanov, D. Dimitrov, Using CDS/DVDS for radon and thoron monitoring in underground mines
11:00-11:15 M. Rogozina, M. Zhukovsky, A. Ekidin, M.Vasyanovich, Thoron decay products size distribution in monazite storage facility
11:15-11.30 R. Trevisi, F. Cardellini, F. Leonardi, C. Vargas Trassierra, A comparison of radon and thoron and their decay products behavior in indoor air
11:30-11:45 J. Vaupotič, M. Bezek, A. Gregorič, Experimental evidence of the dependence of the fraction of unattached radon decay products on the aerosol characteristics
11:45-12:00 P. Kolarž, J. Vaupotič, I. Kobal, Z. S. Žunić, Complex radon-thoron study in dwellings in Sokobanja (southern Serbia)
12:00-12:15 V. Udovičić, et al., Comprehensive analysis of the long-term variations of low radon concentration in an underground laboratory
12:15-12:30 Z. Sas, J. Szántó, J. Somlai, T. Kovács, Utilization possibilities and characterization of red mud as additive material in building material industry

Thursday, May 29

11:00-12:45 Rn/Tn radiology, dose assessment and risk
11.00-11.15 J. Mc Laughlin, The challenges of reducing the public health burden in Europe due to radon exposure
11.15-11.30 D. Nikezic, D. Vucic, J. Vaupotic, Z. Stojanovska, D. Krstic, Z. S. Zunic, Radon levels and resulting effective doses of residents in Gornja Stubla at Kosovo applying dosimetric lung model based on ICRP 65 and ICRP 66 methodology
11:30-11:45 Sahoo et al., Distribution of Uranium and Thorium in Human hair and nail among residents of Niska Banja spa a high natural background radiation area of Serbia (Balkan Region - continental Europe)
11:45-12:00 H. Reci, S. Dogjani, I. Jata Reci, Estimation of radon risk in Shkodra Region
12.00-12.15 S. Dogjani, H. Reci, L. Langore, Y. Muceku, O. Lika, Radon risk assessment in the urban area of Tirana City
12.15-12.30 A. E. A. Elzain, Assessment of indoor radon doses received by the students and staff in schools in some towns in the Sudan
14:00-15.45 Outdoor radon
14:00-14.15 V. Gruber, J. Gräser, W. Ringer, W. Aspek, J. Gschnaller, Comprehensive investigation of radon exposure in Austrian tourist attraction mines and caves
14:15-14:30 M. Wysocka, S. Chałupnik, I. Chmielewska, M. Bonczyk, Radon exhalation in areas affected by mining: investigations in abandoned and reclaimed settling pond
14:30-14.45 M. Taheri, S. M. Hosseini Pooya, M. Jafarizadeh, and M.R. Kardan, Measurement of sudden Increase of Radon Emission at the time of Earthquake Occurrence during Measurements of Natural Exposure of Tourist Caves in Iran: A Case Report of Katalekhor Tourist Cave in Zanjan City
14:45-15.00 K. Omran, et al., Measurements of 222Rn concentration in water samples from Krakow, Poland and Qena, Egypt
15:00-15:15 K. Manisa, M. Erdogan, E. Şükrü Topsakal, Measurements of radon activity concentrations in ground waters and soil gas near the ILGIN active fault zone in Konya, Turkey
15:15-15:30 S. Singh, H. P. Jaishi, R. P. Tiwari, and R. C. Tiwari, Variations of soil radon concentrations along Chite Fault in Aizawl district, Mizoram, India
15:30-15:45 M. Erdogan, K. Manisa, F. Tel, The Measurement of radon activity concentrations in tap water in some dwellings of Konya province – Turkey
16.15-18.30 Procedures and techniques
16.15-16.30 S. Chalupnik, Q. Guo, L. Juncheng, Comparison measurements of radon and thoron decay products
16.30-16.45 T. Streil, V. Oeser, G. Horak, S. Kobelt, M. Duzinski, J. Sabol, THORON SCOUT - The first diffusion based Radon and Thoron monitor for long term measurements in buildings
16.45-17.00 A. Sorimachi, S. Tokonami, Y. Omori, T. Ishikawa, Performance of the thoron chamber as the radioactive aerosol chamber
17.00-17.15 O. Dukic, N. Stevanovic, V. Markovic, Time dependence of 222Rn and its progeny distributions in diffusion chamber
17.15-17.30 A. A. Feyzullayev, Methodical investigation of radon measurements using alpha-track detector
17.30-17.45 G. Bátor, A. Csordás, D. Horváth, J. Somlai, T. Kovács, Comparing track shape analysis-based automated slide scanner system with traditional methods
17.45-18.00 K. Bikit, D. Mrdja, I. Bikit, S. Forkapic, D. Knezevic, N. Todorovic, J. Nikolov, Absorption of radon by various liquids and powders
18.00-18.15 A. Gusev, M.I. Malmonge, High time resolution measurements of the radon progeny 214Pb in rainfalls
18.15-18.30 M. Jiranek, Sub-slab depressurization systems used in the Czech Republic and verification of their effectiveness

Friday, May 30

09.00 – 10.30 Field measurements
09.00 – 09.15 B. Papp, C. Cosma, A. Cucos (Dinu), International intercomparison exercise of active radon devices and passive detectors at the First East European Radon Symposium (FERAS 2012)
09.15 – 09.30 S. Forkapić, K. Jilek, P. Jovanovič, J. Nikolov, K. Bikit, Thoron intercomparison measurements – problems, corrections and results
09.30 – 09.45 G.-B. Neergård, CCO GEM Radon Detectors ASGEM Radon Detectors AS - Revolutionizing radon measurement by eliminating latency.
09.45 – 10.00 V. Yakovleva, A. Vukolov, M. Cherepnev, T. Streil, I. Ippolitov, P. Nagorsky, S. Smirnov, Validity check of using α, β and γ radiation detectors for soil radon monitoring
10.00 – 10.30 M. Neznal, M. Neznal, Field intercomparison measurement of soil-gas radon concentration - Practical introduction


Tuesday 27.05.2014.

18:00 – 19:30

A: Rn news from the region and regional Rn policy

SA1 P. Bossew, N. C. Da Silva, The planned Brazilian radon survey – concepts and particular challenges
SA2 A. Kasumović, F. Adrović, A. Kasić, E. Hankić, Indoor radon activity concentration measurement and assessment of annual effective dose in houses of Tuzla City, Bosnia and Herzegovina
SA3 Lj. Gulan, G. Milic, Z. S. Zunic, B. Vuckovic, P. Bossew, D. Nikezic, D. Krstic, First step mapping of indoor thoron concentration in the residential houses of Kosovo and Metohija
SA4 J. Vaupotič, A. Gregorič, M. Bezek, I. Kobal, T. Kovács, Y. S. Mayya, R. Mishra, B. Zmazek, P. Žvab Rožič, Z. S. Žunić, N. Kávási, T. Ishikawa, S. Tokonami, Radon and thoron in homes within a regular grid in Slovenia
SA5 S. Hurst, Saxon Radon Strategy – In Anticipation of the EU BSS
SA6 V. Radolić, I. Miklavčić, D. Stanić, M. Poje, I. Krpan, M. Mužević, B. Petrinec, B. Vuković, Identification and mapping radon-prone areas in Croatia – preliminary results for Lika-Senj and southern part of Karlovac County
SA7 D. Pressyanov, Z. Stojanovska, D. Dimitrov, S. Georgiev, Pilot survey of indoor radon in Republic of Macedonia using retrospective method
SA8 O. A. Dumitru, B. P. Onac, J. J. Fornós, C. Cosma, Preliminary results of radon concentration measurements in Arta and Campanet touristic caves (Mallorca Island, Spain)
SA9 B. Kunovska, K. Ivanova, Z. Stoianovska, V. Badulin, Measurements of outdoor radon concentration in different settlements in Bulgaria

B: Rn geology and water

SB1 M. İçhedef, Soil gas radon anomalies and seismic activities around Urla-Karaburun fault zone
SB2 A. Cozma, M. Moldovan, C. Baciu, B. Burghele, Radon and radium monitoring in several groundwaters from Roşia Montană Area, România
SB3 M. Murat Sac, The radon and heavy metal contents of thermal waters in Denizli Region, Western Turkey
SB4 M. Moldovan, V. Benea, D. Nita, B. Papp, B. Burghele, N. Bican-Brisan, C. Cosma, Radon and radium concentration in water from north-west of Romania and the estimated doses
SB5 N. Kapanadze, G. Melikadze, M. Bezek, J. Vaupotič, Radon levels in selected waters in Georgia
SB6 G. Melikadze, N. Kapanadze, J. Vaupotič, M. Bezek, S. Šebela, Levels of radon, thoron, ions and gamma radiation in air of the Sataplia and Prometheus caves in Georgia

C: Indoor Rn and Tn

SC1 Z. Ćurguz et al., Assessment of nuclear track detectors exposure in schools of Banja Luka City, Republic of Srpska
SC2 Z. Ćurguz, et al., Variability of radon and thoron equilibrium factors close to the wall in indoor environments of Banja Luka city (Republika Srpska)
SC3 I. Mócsy, I. Csige, M. Ranogajec-Komor, K. Szacsvai, T. Néda, Ž. Knežević, Proposal for radon mapping
SC4 M. Hosoda, S. Tokonami, A. Sorimachi, Y. Omori, T. Ishikawa, Investigation of indoor radon concentration at temporary houses in Fukushima prefecture after the Fukushima nuclear accident
SC5 V. Arsić, S. Bogojević, I. Tanasković, M. Eremić-Savković, Lj. Javorina, J. Ilić, Assessment of the effective radon dose, measured in schools and kindergartens in Belgrade during 2012 and 2013
SC6 F. Loffredo, G. La Verde, M. Quarto, M. Pugliese, C. Mattone, V. Roca, Preliminary radon concentration measurements in museums of University Of Naples, Italy
SC7 Z. S. Žunić, P. Ujić, L. Nađđerđ, I. V. Yarmoshenko, S. B. Radanović, S. Komatina Petrović, I. Čeliković, M. Komatina, P. Bossew, High variability of indoor radon concentrations in uraniferous bedrock areas in the Balkan region
SC8 D. M. Maletić et al., Correlative and multivariate analysis of increased radon concentration in underground laboratory
SC9 J. Vaupotič, M. Bezek, P. Kolarž, I. Kobal, Z. S. Žunić, Impact of concentration and size distribution of nano particles (5–1100 nm) on the fraction of unattached radon progeny in dwelling environment
SC10 D. Grządziel et al. Dependence of radon and its attached and unattached progeny concentration on indoor air parameters
SC11 S. Porojanova, T. Dimitrova, L. Hineva, B. Manusheva, Study of radon levels in residential buildings of Varna Region, Bulgaria

Thursday 29.05.2014.

18:30 – 19:30

D:Radiology and risk

SD1 J. Somlai, Z. Sas, G. Szeiler, F. Fábián, T. Kovács, Radiological survey of bottom ash inbuilt schools and kindergartens
SD2 D. M. Kisic, Z.S. Zunic, I. Celikovic, P. Ujic, S. B. Radanovic, R. Simovic, L. Nadjdjerdj, I. A. Grzetic, Field experience with natural radioactivity of coal and fly ash at the Nikola Tesla B thermal power plant
SD3 S. Dogjani, L. Hoxha, L. Langore, H. Reci, O. Lika, P. Jovanovic, Z. S. Zunic, N. Gradascevic, Environmental impact of coal burning power plants in Albania
SD4 M. Janik, Y. Omori, H. Yonehara, Influence of environmental conditions to radon and thoron exhalation rate from building materials
SD5 D. Ciorba, M. Moldovan, M. Moldovan, Thermal water and radon exposure through the skin
SD6 B. Vuckovic, Lj. Gilan, G. Milic, F. Adrovic, Overview of radon concentrations in air and water in Serbian spas
SD7 A. E. A. Elzain, A study of indoor radon levels and radon effective dose in dwellings of some cities of Gezira-State in Sudan
SD8 V. Yakovleva, T. Streil, A. Vukolov, M. Cherepnev, I. Ippolitov, P. Nagorsky, S. Smirnov, Radon, thoron and their decay products behavior in the ground atmosphere

E:Procedures and techniques

SE1 F. Leonardi, S. Tonnarini, M. Veschetti, R. Trevisi, F. Cardellini, A step towards accreditation: a robustness test of etching process poster
SE2 J. Nikolov, N. Todorović, I. Jakonić, I. Bikit, M. Vesković, Determination of 222Rn in water by low-level liquid scintillation counter
SE3 S. M. Hosseini Pooya, M. Taheri, The results of a discriminative radon/thoron chamber responses in an international intercomparison exercise
SE4 V. Badulin, K. Ivanova, B. Kunovska, Effectiveness of radon remediation method in kindergartens and schools (Kremikovtsi District)
SE5 B.-D. Burghele, F. Ferenc, A. Shahrokhi, T. Kovács, Influence of CO2 concentration on radon measuring devices
SE6 M. Nikolic, R. Simovic, Z. S. Žunić, Radiation exposure in dwellings made of earth-based building materials performed by the RESRAD-BUILD code
SE7 Y. Omori, M. Shimo, M. Janik, T. Ishikawa, H. Yonehara, Infiltration of thoron into a passive diffusion radon monitor in natural environment
SE8 C. Harmansah, M. M. Saç, M. İchedef, C. Taskopru, V. Sozeri, Development of continuous radon monitoring system for indoor environments
SE9 B. Papp, C. Cosma, Method for measuring radon diffusion parameter of radon-proof membranes
SE10 A. Vasilyev, M. Zhukovsky, I. Yarmoshenko, Low ventilation rates in modern multi-storey buildings as main factor of indoor radon problem
SE11 M. Zhukovsky, I. Yarmoshenko, A. Onishchenko, A. Vasilyev, Optimization protection against radon in energy efficient multi-storey buildings
SE12 A. Csordás, F. Fabián, J. Somlai, T. Kovács, Improvement of thoron calibration chamber at the Institute of radiochemistry and radioecology of University of Pannonia
SE13 V. Yakovleva, A. Vukolov, M. Cherepnev, A very simple and cost-efficient method of radon exhalation monitoring in seismic active areas